Decorating with Histoire

We’re loving this DIY living room from Riikka Kantinkoski, Finnish photographer,  designer and founder of RK Design. We love the mix of white and light wood, along with the prints on her wall. Riikka made the coffee table herself using Ikea’s vika lerberg stands and a wooden board from Bauhaus.

Recreate the look with some of the items that we’ve picked below:

No.1 Pink Volcano Print / No.2* Jonathan Adler Lantern Vases / No.3* Canvas Birch Bowl / No.4 Draper Stripe Rug

*Denotes an item in our online shop

Decorating with Histoire: Glam Boho

Mixing geometric and global patterns with bold and pastel colors gives this room the essence of bohemian glamour. Inspired by this living space, we’ve picked out a few things from Histoire to help you achieve a chic collected look.

Inspiration image: From Red, photo by Dan Duchars

One: Dots Blanket / Two: Gold Lantern Gourd Vase / Three: Kantha Pillow

— Meg B.

Mirrored pillows +  Hermès tray = perfection

Mirrored pillows + Hermès tray = perfection

Histoire Lesson: Matta’s Jodphur Rugs

Matta founder and designer, Cristina Gitti has always been inspired by the possibilities of handmade design. After first traveling to India in 1995, Cristina founded her first U.S. venture Malatesta, a women’s accessories & clothing company, in 1997.  As co-owner and head designer, Cristina drew inspirations for design from her various journeys to India, Italy, Mexico & Japan.

In 2003, Cristina founded Matta, where she combined classic styles, age old techniques and a modern color palate to convey her explorations. Cristina focused on the story each item had to tell and how it changes with each person. Her one of a kind pieces are produced using traditional practices from India, including but not limited to block printing, silk screening, hand-painting, dyeing and intricate hand embroidery.

To create Matta’s one of a kind Jodphur rugs, Cristina travels to India to sort through vintage dresses and saris looking for coordinating shades and pieces with the most interesting embroideries. The pieces are then taken to craftsman in the countryside, who stitch the individual pieces together. Many designers will die entire assembled pieces to get similar colors across the patchwork. However, in the case of Matta’s rugs, each patch in the Jodphur rug is preserved in its original unique condition, with natural threads joining the patches, showcasing the craftsman’s skills. The result is truly one of a kind, authentic pieces that have been hand selected and brought to you by the Histoire team!

We love this collage that Allison at Spicer + Bank put together to add a little shine to your space, including our sparkling silver candleholders and Jonathan Adler gold lantern gourd vase. Here’s to a shiny new year!

We love this collage that Allison at Spicer + Bank put together to add a little shine to your space, including our sparkling silver candleholders and Jonathan Adler gold lantern gourd vase. Here’s to a shiny new year!

Inspiration from Matchbook Magazine

Have you checked out Matchbook Magazine’s January issue yet? We LOVED the styling of their Winter Welcome spread beginning on page 70. Get the look here at Histoire!

Delicious, Delectable Dining Rooms

Like most Americans today, we’ve got our mind on turkey. And since we’re in the business of bringing beauty to your home, we couldn’t help but think past the brining or basting of a holiday bird. We have our minds wondering where to put it!

A delicious meal deserves to be served in an equally gorgeous setting, so we’d thought we’d share some of our favorite dining rooms. From a modern rustic table for 12, or a colorful update on a traditional dining room, we hope you find as much inspiration from these images as we did!  
Happy Thanksgiving!

Histoire Lesson: Our Recycled Glass Candle Holders

November 15th is America Recycles Day! To celebrate this nationally recognized day dedicated to recycling, we thought it only fit to highlight our collection of 100% recycled glass candle holders from Nkuku for this next Histoire Lesson. What goes into making these gorgeous glass sparklers and why is using recycled glass helpful to the environment?

Although glass is a far better solution for consumption than plastic, glass does have it’s own set of environmental drawbacks. First of all, it is not biodegradable and does not break down in landfill, since it is essentially made of raw materials. Glass also requires a great deal of heat to produce, consuming a lot of energy in the process.

Now for the good news. Glass is non-toxic, easy to clean and recyclable. Recycling glass not only saves energy (50% less energy than that required to make new glass), but also reduces air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%. It also reduces the space needed in landfill. Furthermore, it is an ongoing process, as glass can be recycled over and over again - forever! This means that the same piece of glass can continually be used to create new beautiful and useful objects (like our very own candle holders!) with less impact on our environment.

So when decorating your table with our Arvari, Tiwi or Sparkling Silver Candle Holders, you can sit back and relax knowing that they were produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Enjoy some sustainable sparkle!

If only our desks looked like this…serenity now!

If only our desks looked like this…serenity now!

Dining by Design with Lonny Magazine

This past Saturday, we braved the blizzardly weather to attend the Dining by Design styling event hosted by Lonny Magazine at The Conran Shop in ABC Home. Led by Lonny Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Adams, and Associate Style Editor, Victoria, the event was full of design-savvy styling tips for decorating the table. Here were some of the helpful highlights:

1. Pick a theme and go with it. They chose a black and white theme with pops of yellow, inspired by art deco, art nouveau and Alice in Wonderland.

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