A Perfect Pair: FEED + TOMS Collaboration

As a supporter of both FEED and TOMS products, we’re so excited for the special collaboration between FEED and TOMS! Made from FEED’s traditional burlap fabric along with the FEED stamp logo, the FEED 12 TOMS shoe is super cute and available in both Women’s and Children sizes. Buy one for yourself and one for your toddler and together you’ll be the perfect pair.

What we love most about this partnership is that you don’t have to choose between which cause to support - your purchase supports not one but two amazing causes both dedicated to improving the lives of children. For each pair of the FEED 12 TOMS shoe you purchase, one pair of new shoes and 12 school meals are donated to children in need. How amazing is that?

Quantities are limited and can only be purchased online so walk on over (figuratively) to toms.com or feedprojects.com and get yours today!